We are currently managing the following companies and ventures:

  • Energy project platform “E-nable+” (www.e-nable.eu), powered by MG Energy+, a web-based solution, connecting Project Owners and Developers, Investors, Financers, Contract Issuers and Bidders in a very cost efficient way in order to accelerate capital deployment and project realization.

  • AMIC Energy Management GmbH (www.amicenergy.com) is an independent private equity company and currently active in the retail and small whole sale fuel business and manages 480 petrol stations (as well as fuel depots) in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.

  • Alternative Energy Solutions GmbH (www.alteso.at), has more than 500 MW Photovoltaic Power Plant assets under management and provides portfolio management, asset- and performance optimization to customers all over the world. AES is the leading specialist for advanced PV monitoring data analysis and performance improvement of Photovoltaic Power Plants and we are supporting O&M companies, asset managers and owners in maximizing their output while minimizing costs.


The partners and team members of
MG Energy+ combine as generalists profound technical-, economical and contractual expertise in energy and renewable energy.




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